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Post  Kat on Wed Sep 01, 2010 9:18 pm

Hey! I'm [hayles] ! I'm [21] years YOUNG! And I live in [franklin].

About your Character. . .

Name: Katie Von D just say kat.
Age: 27
Date of birth: march 8 1982
Where do they live?: Hollywood!
Family?: none anymore
Coven/Pack(Vampires and shapeshifters only): none lives on her own.
Personality: she is sweet and caring and not as tough as she looks. She is really unsure of herself and has no idea of doing things right. all she has is her tattoo art.
Your Character's Play-By: kat von D
Character's Relationship Status: single so far
Any other important info?: nope

History (A suitable length please not too short.)
[Katie was born in hollywood . She wasn't really what her parents wanted except her father. He loved to have a daughter who looked like him. She has more color in her skin then her mother and sister. Her father played with her a lot as well. She was his little girl. She played and enjoyed being with him. She hated her mother and sister because they were acting like they were the boss. Her father thought so too and left her mother taking Katie with him. They moved to a diffrent house. Katie was happy with someone as her dad.. he was just great no one could crush them.

When Katie came back from school she found her dad murdered with a knife in his chest. Katie called the police and they send her back to her mother who was as happy as a dog who found a cat meal. Katie slept on a small bed underneath the staircase. Katie made a lot of drinks to drug her mother. She was really angry and wants to get rid of her mother and somehow she knew her mother killed her father. Katie hated her and complained at the police several times. They didn't believe her because her mother was the tramp of the neighbourhood. Katie was a real sad child and wanted to go home to her dad.

She fought a lot at school and she never tried to behave herself either. She wished her mother dead and that wish was granted. Her mother died a few weeks after Katie moved in. Same way her father was killed. a lot of blood and a knife in the chest. Katie blamed her sister this time and her sister blamed katie. The police asked them how their parents both have lost a lot of blood with only a knife in the chest.

Katie and her sister didn't know either and they both could go home. Katie stayed to help her sister cleaning the house. But soon there were parties and her sister treated her as a little cleaning lady. Katie couldn't stand it and decided to pack her stuff. Her sisters boyfriend made her go crazy and her sister heplped him. No one cared about Katie only her father who was killed by someone no one knows. They killed a man with a heart and a woman with none. And Katie wished she was the one to die.]


AND ! I rule at RP-ing!! Check it out !

[Katie was moving out from her sisters place. She was sick and tired of being the underdog in her apartment. katie never was invited to parties and when there was one she needed to sleep in the bathroom. She hated her sister and wanted to get rid of it right now. Her sister is working today so it won't be hard to say goodbye. She wanted to slap her in the face and spit on her new shoes. She grabbed her bags and walked out of the apartment. Her sisters boyfriend was talking to her around the corner. Katie thought that she was to work.

Katie sighed again and She took the other side but was too late. '' hey Kat where you going? '' the drunk voice of her sisters boyfriend was loud and clear. Katie turned around and rolled her eyes. he tried to walk at her but he was too drunk. Katie walked on as her sister came running at her. She turned around again and looked in the angry face of her sister. '' where are you going KAtie? '' she asked angry. '' where you should be hell '' she answered and turned around so she could walk away. Her sister catched her up the whole time.

Katie ignored her and got herself a cab. '' go home sis and leave me like the piece of junk i have always been to you '' katie said through her teeth and got in. She closed the door and gave the new address to the driver. He drove away as she left her past behind. how terrible it was she is gonna have a better life now. Katie payed the cab driver as she got out and arrived at a small village. She was at the police station. She knew the way to town from here on her own.

Katie found her way to the park. she sat there with her trunk and a bit of her money. She is really angry at her sister at the moment and didn't want to go anywhere else. She was not used to be alone for now and now she is all alone. She didn't want to go home. her sister would kill her immediatly. She looked at the sky. It was grey and probably would rain very soon. She got up and went somewhere with a roof and found a bar soon. she walked in and took a drink.]

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Re: Kat!!

Post  Becca Williams on Wed Sep 01, 2010 9:21 pm

Accepted !!

You know what to do Wink

Becca Williams

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