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Jess Harris

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Jess Harris

Post  Jess on Wed Aug 04, 2010 5:18 pm

Hey! What's your name?
Jessica Sienna Jane Harris

Okay, what should we call you?

How many years on the clock?
22 as a human and 100 as a vampire

Another name for my Birthday Book?

No offence, but, what is your race?

How are the rellies?
I killed them when they were turned.

Where is your Character's residence?
In the forest, a cottage deep in the trees

What're you like?
Jessy is a firm, stubborn girl with a strong will and a quick tongue. She can be witty but she tends to be insulting and harsh to people to start with though if they persist she is a firm and protective friend who cares greatly for her companions.

How do you earn the big bucks?

In the night sky

About You.

Look at the Lan Mandragoran app for all this CBA to put it again though I will do an Rp sample as Jessy.

Jessy stood upon the roof of the bank, the building wa sregency in style with rising pillars either side of the door supporting the out crop she stood on as her targets drove past, she had been paid by the Volturi to dispatch three rogue vampires. She leapt from the roof to the next inline drawing out a large steel disk which she squeazed and it extended out into a long steel staff with a tip at each end made of a black metal with a chemical insertion point on each.

Piling forth she saw the vampires, 10 of them, all nomads leaping out of the cars and she whirled the staff, the ends igniting in chemical flames. As this happened the vampires charged, she whirled, her staff a blur of fire and death as every vampire that was struck by the staff burst into flames turning to ash which spread on the wind, the fight was over in seconds. Sh epulled straight her jacket, leather with silk lining which pressed tightly to her form, the tank top she wore beneath clung in the same way. The jacket made her breasts look larger and firmer and her hips a little larger to makign her hour glass figure obvious, the shorts she wore showed tan legs tonned with muscle and the shorts also clung tightly to her bum, this was why men stared at her when she was on the job she reflected, because she wore comfortable, tight clothing. No need for body armour or the like at all.

Are like shooting stars?

This Mind-blowing app (It is indeed an awesome app!) Was created by Becca your loving admin. Lyrics courtesy of B.o.B and Hayley Williams. Becca over and out.

I could really use a wish right now. . .

Wish right now. . .

Wish right now . . .


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Re: Jess Harris

Post  Hayley Williams on Wed Aug 04, 2010 7:51 pm

go fill in the claims =)
Hayley Williams

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