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Al'Lan Mandragoran

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Al'Lan Mandragoran

Post  Lan on Tue Aug 03, 2010 9:44 pm

Hey! What's your name?
MY name is Lan Mandragoran.

Okay, what should we call you?
The Elissar which means blade of truth.
Some call me Aan'allein which means in a tongue long lost to men in this realm 'man alone' or 'man that is his nation'

How many years on the clock?

Another name for my Birthday Book?
I do not know by this worlds calender

No offence, but, what is your race?
Gaiden( half vampire from another reality) Gaiden means 'battle brother'

How are the rellies?
They do not exist here and passed upon my birth in another realm in the nation of Malkier which fell, I am the final king of a nation turned to the shadows of desolation.

Where is your Character's residence?
On the move. Ewan rides only horses and lives where ever he needs camp to continue his fight against what he perceives to be evil

What're you like?
Lan is a grim hard man that is the true embodiment of the warrior, a man who refuses to handle fire arms and is swift enough to kill in seconds he always looks ready to move in any direction, Lan is over bearing and strong of will and opinion. He shuns the interest of any women claiming he will not give them widows reeds for a wedding gift as he fights his war against the shadows.

How do you earn the big bucks?
Lan lives by what he kills

In the night sky

About You.

Hey, I'm Conor, I am 15 and I have 8 years roleplaying experience and 7 years administrating successful sites, only one of the Rp's I have made has failed and that was the first, I have roleplayed in varying ways from Live action to D&D to computer based with live or forum.

Lan smiled sadistically as the thugs surrounded him, the blade at his waist was made by the one power, it's edge would never dull, it was sharper than cut diamond and just as unbreakable. The whisper of the steel against the leather of his scabbard was audible in the silence before the storm "Death is light as a feather, duty as heavy as a mountain" he intoned to the now fearful street thugs as he moved into the first sword form, mountain lion strike running prey which resulted in the first thug loosing his arm and head before he flowed into wind through rushes which left the other two thugs with their entrails spilling over the pavement, Lan sheathed the blade rapidly and was running before the first scream from the street was audible, leaping into the saddle of his horse Mandarb, Mandarb meant blade in the old tongue, he hammered his feet into the horses ribs, drawing his blade once more as he wheeled the stallion around, his black fur lathered with sweat which soaked into Lan's breaches and as the police arrived Lan was moving hard for the mountain a mile out of town.

Are like shooting stars?

This Mind-blowing app (Yeah,right) Was created by Becca your loving admin. Lyrics courtesy of B.o.B and Hayley Williams. Becca over and out.

I could really use a wish right now. . .

Wish right now. . .

Wish right now . . .

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Re: Al'Lan Mandragoran

Post  Becca Williams on Wed Aug 04, 2010 12:40 pm

Welcome Conor. Fill out the claims and you're good to go !
I'm Becca, you're loving Admin/Owner xD
Becca Williams

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Re: Al'Lan Mandragoran

Post  Hayley Williams on Wed Aug 04, 2010 3:16 pm

hi xD
Hayley Williams

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Re: Al'Lan Mandragoran

Post  Lan on Wed Aug 04, 2010 7:36 pm

hey hun Razz

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Re: Al'Lan Mandragoran

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